Nearly One in Three Latinx Medi-Cal Members Dropped from Coverage in First Month of Redeterminations; Health Equity Advocates Urge Additional Investments 

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Kiran Savage-Sangwan

Executive Director

Organization: California Pan-Ethnic Health Network

Sacramento, CA –   The Department of Health Care Services released data this week on the first month of Medi-Cal coverage redeterminations since federal pandemic-era flexibilities allowing for continued coverage ended. The data reveals that while only 21% of June redetermination applications resulted in disenrollment from coverage, nearly one in three Latinx Medi-Cal members were dropped from coverage, the highest number of disenrolled individuals out of any racial group and over half of all disenrollments at 53.2%. Members who speak Spanish as their primary language were even more likely to be discontinued. Moreover, the overwhelming majority of disenrollments were due to “procedural” reasons, including not returning the application packet, rather than a finding of ineligibility. 

Nearly half of Medi-Cal recipients are Latinx and almost 30% are Spanish speakers.  Additionally, the state of California currently does not collect specific language or demographic data for Indigenous Mesoamericans who also utilize the Medi-Cal program. 

“Language accessible information and culturally responsive trusted messengers must be prioritized to keep these populations enrolled in life-saving health programs. As COVID-19 protections wind down, California must protect lives and lessen the risk of Californians becoming uninsured,” said Dr. Seciah Aquino, Executive Director of the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California.

The Latino Coalition for a Healthy California and the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network urge state health leaders to make additional investments into linguistically and culturally responsive outreach efforts to Latinx and Indigenous Mesoamerican communities to ensure health equity for all Californians.