State Budget Update

Read CPEHN’s analysis of the 2024-2025 State Budget. From January to July, the Governor, Legislature, advocates, and community partners debated how California’s historic surplus should be used.

CPEHN Opposed to Governor Newsom Balancing California’s Budget on Backs of the Most Vulnerable

Sacramento, CA – CPEHN rejects Governor Newsom’s approach to addressing the shortfall. The Legislature must advance other revenue solutions rather than eliminating funding for crucial health and human services programs serving California’s most vulnerable. The elimination of these programs will have a devastating impact on the health of the state’s poorest residents. Governor Newsom and the California State Legislature must ensure that the richest Californians and corporations pay their fair share to sustain our state.

It is unconscionable to eliminate In-Home Supportive Services for undocumented Californians. These services allow seniors and people with disabilities to meet their basic needs at home, rather than be institutionalized or suffer without care. Farmworkers, construction workers, and other essential undocumented workers built, fed, and supported California for decades. We cannot turn our backs on them now. The Legislature must reject this cut. 

Additionally, delaying emerging food benefits will harm immigrant communities struggling to thrive and meet their basic needs. Cutting workforce development funding for Community Health Workers and social workers is short-sighted and will result in greater long-term costs for the state due to poor access to care and lack of economic development in communities of color. Furthermore, eliminating public health funding leaves us vulnerable to the next pandemic.

It is unacceptable to balance the state’s budget on the backs of poor people of color while the richest Californians continue to reap benefits and amass wealth. Rather than eliminating programs that impact the state’s poorest residents, we urge the Legislature to consider more progressive solutions to ensure we have the resources of all Californians.