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CPEHN Accomplishments & History


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill AB 470 Signed into Law!

This bill requires the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to publish the performance outcomes reports based on available data for specialty mental health services on the department’s Internet Web site, and to provide the performance outcomes reports to the Legislature.

CPEHN Defends Affordable Care Act

CPEHN establishes ACA Round Ups and ACA Defense Hub to keep people informed and up-to-date on ACA repeal efforts.


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill SB 1139 Signed into Law!

This bill prohibits a student who meets the requirements for admission to a medical degree program at any public or private postsecondary educational institution from being denied admission to that program based on citizenship status or immigration status.


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill AB 1726 Signed into Law!

This bill requires the State Department of Public Health to use the additional separate collection categories and other tabulations for specified Asian groups and Pacific Islander groups, and to take additional actions, under certain circumstances.


CPEHN Expands in Los Angeles

CPEHN opens a third office in Los Angeles expanding our community advocacy work.


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill SB 388 Signed into Law!

This bill provides that the Summary of Benefits and Coverage  (SBC) constitutes a vital document and would require a plan or insurer to comply with requirements applicable to those documents.


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill SB 137 Signed into Law!

This bill requires the Department of Managed Health Care and the Department of Insurance to develop uniform provider directory standards.


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill AB 389 Signed into Law!

This bill requires a general acute care hospital and the department to make the hospital’s updated policy available annually to the public on their respective Internet Web sites.


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill AB 505 Signed into Law!

This bill requires the department to require all managed care plans contracting with the department to provide Medi-Cal services, except as specified, to provide language assistance services, which includes oral interpretation and translation services, to limited-English-proficient Medi-Cal beneficiaries, as defined.


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill SB 912 Signed into Law!

This bill requires that extended foster care support continue for 6 months from the date of the declaration for a nonminor dependent who turns 21 years of age while the state of emergency is in effect.