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CPEHN Accomplishments & History


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill SB 137 Signed into Law!

This bill requires the Department of Managed Health Care and the Department of Insurance to develop uniform provider directory standards.

CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill AB 389 Signed into Law!

This bill requires a general acute care hospital and the department to make the hospital’s updated policy available annually to the public on their respective Internet Web sites.


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill AB 505 Signed into Law!

This bill requires the department to require all managed care plans contracting with the department to provide Medi-Cal services, except as specified, to provide language assistance services, which includes oral interpretation and translation services, to limited-English-proficient Medi-Cal beneficiaries, as defined.


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill SB 912 Signed into Law!

This bill requires that extended foster care support continue for 6 months from the date of the declaration for a nonminor dependent who turns 21 years of age while the state of emergency is in effect.


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill AB 2102 Signed into Law!

This bill would additionally require that the annual Department of Housing and Community Development report include an evaluation of the Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention Program.


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill AB 422 Signed into Law!

This bill requires the notices to include prescribed advisements about the availability of free or reduced-cost comprehensive health care coverage through Medi-Cal or the California Health Benefit Exchange, respectively.


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill SB 353 Signed into Law!

This bill requires a health care service plan, as specified, that advertises or markets products in the individual or small group health care service plan markets, or that allows others to market or advertise on its behalf in those markets, in a non-English language, as provided, and that does not meet certain requirements, to translate into that language specified documents.


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill SB 488 Signed into Law!

This bill authorizes a code enforcement officer, upon successful completion of a course of study in the appropriate subject matter as determined by the local jurisdiction, to determine whether an infestation exists or whether there is a lack of adequate garbage and rubbish removal facilities


CPEHN’s Co-Sponsored Bill AB 441 Signed into Law!

This law requires the California Transportation Commission include case studies of transportation projects that improve health and equity in the next revision of the state’s Regional Transportation Planning guidelines.


CPEHN Celebrates Our 20th Anniversary

CPEHN celebrates 20 years of advocating for health equity.